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Telefon: +4 0371 170 780;
Fax: +4 0372 892 823;
Adresa: jud. Note taking i’m a hardcore evernote user, i’ve been a fan for years and have notes on everything from long overdue to-do lists, to a huge catalog of audio notes for songwriting. Iași, loc. Iaşi, Şoseaua Voinești, nr. 17, et. 1, birou 1;
Email: office@ajutamimpreuna. ro;
Web: www. ajutamimpreuna. ro.

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CIF: 32777820;
Numărul şi data înscrierii în registrul special: 124/A/11. 12. 2013;
IBAN: RO55 RZBR 0000 0600 1648 8918;
Banca: Raiffeisen Bank, Iasi, Agentia Podu Ros.

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